Sweets Of The Clouds Jam
Clouds Testers

Released 07.09.2017

Label: WorldOfBrights - #WOB0000006ND
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Styles: Nu-Disco, Synth-Pop, Chillout, Tech House, Progressive Electronic
Credits: Clouds Testers

During the 2013-2014, recorded with large and rare analog synthesizers, the synth-wave album of the Moscow indie project Clouds Testers - "The Clouds Jam" has become a classic of Russian electronic music, without disappearing from radars of FM-stations and DJs focus of attention. The Delux release "Sweets Of The Clouds Jam" presents all vocal versions of "The Clouds Jam" tracks with vocals of the project participants - al l bo and Nick Wowk - under the WorldOfBrights / Clouds Testers The Legendaries label. The vocal acappellas of "Sweets Of The Clouds Jam" was previously published by the WorldOfBrights Pro-Zone remix-content label in a special technical release "Language From Stars".

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01. Clouds Testers - Diving In The Deep White (Vocal Mix) / 120 bpm / 05:24
02. Clouds Testers - Inhale The Love (Vocal Mix) / 115 bpm / 06:52
03. Clouds Testers - Love And Loneliness (Vocal Mix) / 128 bpm / 07:34
04. Clouds Testers - Luxerizer (Vocal Mix) / 120 bpm / 07:00
05. Clouds Testers - Skyey Garage (Vocal Mix) / 120 bpm / 07:36
06. Clouds Testers - Test It! (Vocal Mix) / 120 bpm / 07:35
07. Clouds Testers - Ticket To The Clouds (Radio Vocal Mix) / 118 bpm / 04:43
08. Clouds Testers - Ticket To The Clouds (Vocal Mix) / 118 bpm / 06:49

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