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we have collected 1538 unique brilliant tracks by 184 artists from 112 cities allaround the world in 61 releases to make it brighter.
so, what are we waiting for?

1. Explore The Artists
they create vibes and trends of this place

al | bo | Clouds Testers | Klara Rubel | Arne Woutersax | >All residents

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2. Explore The Styles

we tend to correspond expectations of mainstream media and clubbers societies

Club House | Deep House | Nu-Disco | Synth-Pop | Chillout | Minimal | Trance | Electro House | Progressive Electronic | Tech House | Breaks | Dubstep | Trip-Hop | TOPHITS

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3. Explore The Series

we try to balance between originality of arts and popularity in the crowds

>Original albums: Esthetic Waves | Loudsteps | MARS | C'est moi | Smth7 | Weather Paints | El Primer Juego | Sweets Of The Clouds Jam | Songs Of Summer | Silent Paradise | Emotions | Deep Dreams | al l bo tronica | Enter | Beautiful Singles | Messenger | Jetpack | Sheme Of Jetpack | The Clouds Jam

>EP Series: Around The World | Moscow Matrix | London Awaits | Rocket Star

>Remixes albums: Map Of Supernovas Vol. XII: Pulse122 | Map Of Supernovas Vol. IX: Black Mafia DJ | Map Of Supernovas Vol. VIII: NE ON | Beats On Vibe | Soaperation: Caress & Fond | Map Of Supernovas Vol. VI: Black Mafia DJ | Map Of Supernovas Vol. V: Black Mafia DJ | Map Of Supernovas Vol. III: Sairtech | Map Of Supernovas Vol. II: Andres NekrassoV

>Original compilations: Deep House The Heroes Vol. XI | Map Of Supernovas Vol. XIII: FUELING | Deep House The Heroes Vol. X: STRIKER | Deep House The Heroes Vol. IX: ACCESSION | Deep House The Heroes Vol. VIII: BONBONS | UnitedStatesOfBrights Selection | Deep House The Heroes Vol. VII: Extended Edition | Map Of Supernovas Vol. XI: Frequencies Of Satellites | Slow And Happy | Deep House The Heroes Vol. VI: Live! | Nu-Disco The Heroes Vol. IV | Map Of Supernovas Vol. X: SPACEFORCES | Deep House The Heroes Vol. V: Enthusiastic Edition | Map Of Supernovas Vol. VII | Deep House The Heroes Vol. IV | INVADERS | Nu-Disco The Heroes Vol. III: More Hits Added! | Deep House The Heroes Vol. III: SuperHeroes Edition | Map Of Supernovas Vol. IV | Map Of Supernovas Vol. I | Friends! | Nu-Disco The Heroes Vol. II | Deep House The Heroes Vol. II | Deep House The Heroes Vol. I | Nu-Disco The Heroes Vol. I

>Karaoke Series: MARS FOR SINGERS | Deep House The Heroes Vol. V: Instrumental Edition | Beautiful Singles: Saxophonist's Tool Edition | Deep House The Heroes Vol. III: Vocalist's Tool Edition

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5. Explore Karaoke Content

now we have 775 karaoke instrumentals. So, you could sing it, play it and if you'll make it divinely we want to publish it now!

>WorldOfBrights Karaoke Adviser

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6. Explore The Pro-Zone

the very secret place for pro-musicians, remixmakers and djs only: 353 remixpacks and 20 special remix-bundles, espessially for you

>WorldOfBrights Pro-Zone: Remixpacks & Acapellas

>so, we're
on the same way now! ;)

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